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Why We Do It

Self Discovery and Growth

When owner/trainer/instructor Carolanne Smith was given her first horse Scotty, the course of her young life changed. A shy quiet girl found strength, determination, and self-love in the eyes of that perky Morgan gelding. One of the breed characteristics of the Morgan breed is a love of people and Scotty LOVED his people. Ask anyone who knew him and they will tell you he was a unique soul. He deeply desired to communicate with humans, to understand and be understood by them.  


Out of their relationship, came Carolanne’s passion to understand all horses and to share that world with others. She explained, “One of the best things about connecting with a horse is how much you learn about yourself. In fact, the better you understand YOU; your emotions, your thoughts, your energy, the more you will be able to hear your horse authentically! It just opens this beautiful world of communication!”


Our goal at Hopewood is to inspire a passion for learning and all things horses. We take our time to systematically build strong horses and riders who can thrive. By bringing like-minded people together in relaxed learning environments we foster community, connection, as well as an appreciation for all agriculture and nature. In today's world of technology people, especially kids, need ways to quiet their minds and get grounded in nature more than ever before! Our goal is to be a place for that.

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