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Hopewood Farm

High Hopes, Steady Hearts.

Welcome to Hopewood Farm! The childhood dream turned passion and calling for owner/ trainer Carolanne Smith. We are a small family-run facility focused on quality over quantity. Offering world-class level equine care, training, and instruction in a warm and welcoming environment! From the moment you step foot on our farm, you will feel right at home and part of our little "family". Conveniently located just off the intersection of Rt. 5 and 233 in Clinton, NY.


 Our mission is to inspire you to learn not just about horses, but what they can teach you about yourself. Here at Hopewood Farm we dream big and have high hopes for your future. By trusting the process of the journey with a steady heart, we can help you realize those dreams!


Who We Are

Why We Do It

What's Our Focus?



Our lessons are focused on all round horsemanship of the student. Each lesson is customized to meet the need and goals of the student and horse as a team. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned competitor we can help you build your skills!

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 We take our time to develop horses who are confident, strong, happy, and healthy. Whether you have a seasoned show horse, youngster, or a trail/pleasure horse, let us help them be the best they can be!

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Youth Programs

We have regular activities for youth from ages 4 and up! From clubs to camps, beginners to experienced, just for fun to national competitions, your sure to find something your kids will love! 

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