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What We Do

Horse Centered Training, Care, and Instruction

At Hopewood Farm we offer horsemanship lessons, training, and boarding, as well as youth programs, and camps. While we love and welcome all breeds here when it comes to showing we specialize in the Morgan horse. You may have heard that "Morgans do it all" and so do we! We can train and teach a wide variety of disciplines to suite you and your horses needs.


Everything we do is centered around the needs of our horses. From the daily schedule to each horse's individualized training plan and care, we know that doing what is best for your horse's health both physically and mentally is the best way for us to serve you. We want you and your horse to have hope in your future together as a team! 

Even if you've owned and/or shown horses for years, at Hopewood we offer you a new perspective and a deeper partnership with your equine partner(s).  Our lessons focus on building the necessary skills to make you a well-rounded horseman who understands what your horse needs

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