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Scotty was Carolanne Smith's first horse. He was a Morgan horse who loved  his people and kids and inspired Carolanne to become a professional horseman. He inspired a deep love of learning and it is only fitting to name our youth programs after him


Scotty's Club is a group for youth ages 21 and under. It is run by Hopewood Farm but is not exclusive to their own riders. It is a club designed to inspire and create community for young equestrians.


This is a club to grow in knowledge of horse care, health, and history. **This is not a riding club** While we may pull out a horse on occasion for demonstrations, this club is focused on the academic side of learning. It is an excellent addition to your lessons or work at home with your own horse! We will use some of the information provided by the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) but we will also learn about other breeds and all things horse!

Currently meetings are free and will be held once a month

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